With the way the news goes from one  issue to the next the Experian data leak seem like the news happened ages ago. However, the news that over 120,000,000 Americans were exposed was first seen in December 2017.   Sure, other data breaches occurred. But, the Experian leak was especially horrific as:

It included an extraordinary range of personal details on residents, including addresses, ethnicity, interests and hobbies, income, right down to what kind of mortgage the house was under and how many children lived at the property. In total, there were 248 different data fields for each household . . .

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Experian, in a public relations, move and also, in my opinion, has launched and new online tool; which is said to streamline the process for correcting errors on your credit report.  This tool also could be a way for Experian to resist having to pay for customers credit monitoring service as they say that this is a DIY web tool.

Experian has launched a free service for consumers who need to correct errors on their credit reports, saying it eliminates the need to spend money on so-called credit repair companies. The company says its dispute center tool is an easy way for consumers to dispute information on their Experian credit report, which could negatively affect their ability to get a good interest rate, or even be approved for a loan. The credit monitoring agency makes a point of saying consumers need not pay a credit repair company to act on their behalf since taking care of the problem themselves is simple and free. Using a PC or mobile device, consumers just look for inaccurate information in their credit report, dispute it, and request its removal. Experian says consumers who dispute credit reports mistakes themselves stay engaged in the credit process and don’t have to rely on third parties who charge big fees based on promised results that aren’t always delivered. “We believe everyone deserves access to quality credit,” said Alex Lintner, president, Experian Consumer Information Services. Experian launches free tool to remove mistakes from credit reports

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